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Monthly and quarterly coverage of select technology topics

The Snapdragon Insiders Program

The behind-the-scenes Snapdragon Insiders Program news and info about the future of Snapdragon. You’ll also receive Snapdragon Insiders-only invitations to contests, influencer events, and AMAs with product experts.
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What's Next in Wireless Tech

The research behind the future of wireless technologies - 5G, 4G LTE, automotive, the IoT, and more - connecting us to each other and the things around us. (Monthly)
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Mobile Computing Preview
What's Next in Mobile Computing Tech

The research behind the future of computing technologies, such as AI and multimedia, that are driving advanced user experiences across smartphones, mobile PCs, XR, automotive, and IoT. (Monthly)
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Voice and Music newsletter preview
The Future of Wireless Sound

The wireless audio and voice technologies designed to help our customers deliver premium listening experiences. (Monthly)
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Smart Cities
Transforming Smart Cities & Connected Spaces

Connect with our Smart Cities Accelerator Program news and resources. (Quarterly)
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What's Next in Wi-Fi

Research, insights, and updates from Qualcomm Technologies on the technology and products driving the Wi-Fi industry forward. (Monthly)
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Automotive Redefined

Keep up with the latest technologies, trends, and deployments that are redefining the automotive industry. (Quarterly)
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Qualcomm Developer Network

Software and hardware tools with resources to help optimize your development. (Monthly)
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