The 2021 State of Sound Report:
A global analysis of audio consumer behaviors and desires

The State of Sound Report is an annual study featuring research insights based on data from thousands of audio consumers around the world.

The use of audio devices overall has expanded since 2020. Many consumers today are heavily reliant on their audio products to aid connectivity, as well as for video watching, gaming, remote working, and music listening.

The State of Sound research looks at audio device purchase drivers as well as interest in current and future use cases, to better understand the features that today’s users look for in earbuds, headphones, speakers, and other audio products.

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Key Findings

Phone to earbud connectivity Icon

70% of those surveyed say having good sound in their wireless headphones or speakers creates the best experience when using a smartphone.

Multi-device Icon

57% say they will continue to use their audio devices more frequently after the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

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52% of respondents are seeking either high-resolution or lossless audio quality.

Gaming and Video Icon

42% use truly wireless earbuds for gaming across PC, Console, and Mobile.

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*All percentages, consumer behaviors, and attitudes stated in this report are based only on the responses of the individuals who participated in our survey.