The State of Play Report 2020:
Global Consumer Audio Insights

This year, truly wireless earbuds have become the most desired form factor for on-the-go listening. Many consumers are interested in improved interoperability between their wireless audio devices and their smartphone, and the wireless speaker ecosystem continues to go through a period of rapid change fuelled by the adoption of cloud-based voice assistants.

To further understand audio trends in the truly wireless age, we conducted our fifth annual survey of smartphone users from the U.S., U.K., China, Japan, and Germany. It provides a broad global view of how consumers are connecting and communicating, and what they’re looking for in their next audio device purchases.

Here are just a few of our findings:

Sound Icon

Sound quality is still #1

Now a five-year trend, sound quality is the single most important purchase driver in consumer audio, with 77% of respondents interested in high-resolution sound quality.

Battery Icon

Demand for longer battery life is near-universal

Our findings show 83% of audio consumers surveyed are interested in extended battery life.

Gaming and Video Icon

Video and gaming audio go wireless

Video media consumption is now the second most popular use case for wireless headphones and third most-popular for earbuds. Almost half of all consumers surveyed reported using wireless audio products while gaming.

Glitch Icon

Wireless audio user experience matters

Our data shows that audio glitching and dropouts are barriers for nearly a quarter of wireless headphone shoppers surveyed.

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All percentages, consumer behaviors, and attitudes stated in this report are based only on the responses of the individuals who participated in our 2020 survey.