The report drills down into both wireless headphone and wireless speaker product categories to provide insights into user attitudes and expectations.
These are some example findings:

  • People are embracing voice UI

    78% of those surveyed stated that using voice to interface with their electronic devices does or would make life easier - an increase of 35% compared with the 2017 State of Play report

  • Consumers now adopting truly wireless earbuds

    More than half of participants we surveyed (53%) said they are planning to purchase some completely wire-free earbuds

  • Smart speakers most sought-after consumer audio device

    The largest portion (32%) of respondents said that if they could only purchase one device within the next 12 months, it would be a smart speaker with integrated cloud-based voice assistant

  • Sound quality is highest-ranked buying consideration for second year in a row

    76% of respondents in 2018, and 78% in 2017, said sound quality was the most important factor when choosing wireless headphones or speakers

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